How long to hookup before dating: experts’ advice

Very often, our long-term relationships grow from casual ones. Contemporary dating is all about changing the partners often and choosing out of them. So when do we start to date our best hookup?

  • Next day after one-night-stand. It’s a wrong answer, and it happens pretty rarely. Getting laid just once isn’t enough to understand whether we are compatible with a person.
  • Two weeks after. That’s more realistic if you kept on hookuping and had at least one getaway through the weekend. If chemistry is really strong, propose to date seriously.
  • Month after. That’s what experts say: if you’re still seeing each other after a month of your first hookup together, wow, it can be a sign you should try online hookup dating now.
  • Six months after. No, no, specialists say, you shouldn’t offer to date to your hookup if only sex united you two for such a long time. Keep on being casual with each other.

Basically, we see that other people’s experience defines the best time period for going to the first real date after no strings attached sex with a person: from 2 weeks to 1 month since.