JollyRomance Review for single people

Brief Description

JollyRomance is a simple and classical dating site for international hookups and relationships. The majority of girls from Eastern Europe, which is reflected on the nice romantic layout.

The site mostly offers the most basic features, such as chatting, video chatting, messaging, but also real gifts delivery with confirming photos. It’s an extra guarantee the girls are genuine and real.

JR works efficiently for +10 years now, uniting Russian and Ukrainian women with western men, but also girls from the rest of Europe with single guys from anywhere. Its geography is big.

Pricing and free options

Registration on JollyRomance is completely free. One can sign up and view other users’ profiles, as much as he wants, this opportunity isn’t limited in time. Then, 20 credits are given for first messages.

Only after, one should buy more credits to communicate with matches and no-matches, there’s no restriction about that either. The users contact each other without any filters or compatibility quizzes.

Pricing system of JR consists of both subscription part and credit-based part. The most of similar sites practice only one kind of payments out of these two, but JollyRomance is unique in this regard.

Yet, the pricing is fair enough so one can afford applying for a Premium subscription and purchasing necessary amounts of the credits. It varies from $19.99 to $214.99 and the amount lasts long.

Conception of the site

JollyRomance was created with the purpose of connecting western singles with Russian beauties who never lose their popularity on the dating scene. But, this target geography had been broadened.

The overall conception is simple and classical, the site possesses old-fashioned romance with all the new technologies of chatting. There are no experimental hookup options such as BDSM or threesomes.

Quite often, it is used as a marital agency platform but also as a travel dating site, sugar dating site, or the source of classical international hookups. There is a simple dating blog with the tips too.

Top dating strategies on JR

Since JR is dedicated to Eastern European gals, one should know at least several well-working tricks which will get him good matches. Dating experts suggest to focus on these extra skills.

  • Learn Russian words. Just a few cute words and sentences will guarantee you a Russian girl’s sexy smile and her gratitude. Learn a few Russian jokes, some names of movies.
  • Be a western prince. Russian girls are disturbed lately that western men behave like very poor men, even poorer than their locals. Show some generosity and gallant courtship.
  • Test but don’t stress. It’s normal to check a girl and her sincerity, but don’t overdo it. If you’re too suspicious and act like a spy, your Russian girl will likely be scared and upset.
  • Chat and text regularly. Even when you two left the site and exchanged direct contacts already, keep on texting her often to show your interest and that she’s still unique to you.
  • Be well-read and erudite. Russian women are highly educated and intellectual, they enjoy smart conversations and discussions in depth. Try to talk some authors or philosophers.

These top strategies for hookups in Russia and long-term relationships may seem unusual, since they mostly work on Moscow girls and other Eastern European women, not on Latin or Asian women.jollyromance free

Things not to do on JR

As a Russian dating site of a classical pattern, JollyRomance doesn’t accept or encourage naughty behavior, harsh dominating while chatting or corresponding, having dozens of penpals.

Although nothing is pre-moderated or censored, the administrators may pay attention if some female member sends her complaint. The team just friendly recommends to remain polite and committed.

However, the common sense is needed too. Particularly, one shouldn’t send the money to complete strangers or to girls who sound suspicious, to those they didn’t even video chat with.

Also, it isn’t recommended to share one’s personal details, a full address, or his bank data. On another hand, do not request this kind of information from the girl, even if you just want to learn more.

To discover a girl’s city district, it’s enough to ask her street name, without further details, then Google map it. The same with all other sensitive information that could damage the thin trust line.JollyRomance 2

Success stories

JollyRomance literally produces tons of success stories, simply because perfect Russian women seem to be created for western singles. They have traditional values, yet look naturally sexy and desirable.

“I met Nina from St. Petersburg on JollyRomance right after my divorce”, Michael shares. “Nina is a beautiful Russian model, plus she has a big heart since she was patient enough to heal my wounds.

We found a lot in common and finally decided to meet. I quickly made sure Russian brides are indeed as wonderful as people say, and perfectly compatible with classically thinking men.

After six meetings that were all hard to organize due to my work, we started to live together in NY as a couple. She had her multi-visa already so it was a smooth process. I am very happy with my Nina”.

“Darya and I, we were meant to be together. It started as a casual affair on JR, and none of us had big expectations, but it just happened that we fell in love deeply. I cannot imagine my life without her.

Since her family had a summer house in Bulgaria, we spend six months there and then six months in Miami. It’s a perfect schedule for my job of a water sports instructor. It’s our idyll”.