Are college girls down for hookups and how to pickup them

The college corridors are always filled with hot chicks. It may seem the college culture is very much about hookups, but is it really so? And how do you pickup any sexy female student you like?

Statistics show most of college girls are down for hookups, simply due to the parties that take place regularly. So, the best way to get laid with one of them is to arrange a party and invite her.

If a guy is hot enough and rather popular in the college, a girl may want to meet up for sex personally, not in the public place or event. Just flirt nicely and compliment her when you see her.

Making a girl jealous isn’t always a solution. All students are interconnected via the common friends, and gossip or intrigues never help. Better establish strong chemistry and show your interest.

Playing a cold guy, however, works too. Do not involve other girls students, rather look cool as a lone wolf and she’ll fall for you. Keep around her and be as sexy as you can, until she is seduced.