offers a great collection of only attractive and beautiful Russian women looking for men abroad with serious intensions. Thousands of interesting, educated and family-oriented classy Russian women from post Soviet republics posted their photo profiles on the pages of the dating site With the powerful search tool one can look for a certain type of the lady by different criteria, including even her zodiacal sign. Detailed profiles include necessary information to get general understanding of a Russian bride, her profession, interests and likings. Progressive communication tools allow socializing with these gorgeous Russian ladies.

Video review of Cuteonly


The main advantages of the site is an Eastern European dating site that grew very popular thanks to its unique conception: accepting only three female pretenders out of five, basing on their cuteness.

Cuteness is something that differs from stereotypical model parameters but it’s still synonymic to physical attractiveness. Cute girls may also have nice and sweet personalities.

The site owners have chosen a totally correct definition for describing a Russian beauty desired by so many men worldwide. Russian and Ukrainian girls are exactly cute, and cutely sexy.

Other main principles of work that brought such a big popularity to the site, are free chatting, no third person in between, and favourable dating conditions for 30+ women, the most serious category.

CuteOnly is considered inexpensive dating site, very easy to use and very effective. It has no pitfalls or big disadvantages, all is very transparent and clear.

  • It is subscription-based and doesn’t charge for each message or contact exchange.
  • Sending a contact information to each other is never blocked or forbidden.
  • Girls’ legitimacy can be confirmed in many ways.
  • No extra services and costs are needed, girls speak English and are ready to meet.

CuteOnly exists and creates happy couples since 2005, which is impressive. During all these years, it hadn’t been involved into any scandals and hadn’t been in the scam list.

Although some women are from Belarus, Kazakhstan, and many other countries of former USSR, the absolute majority are from Russia and Ukraine, the most popular destinations.


How it works

There’s nothing special about women’s profiles on CuteOnly, they look rather classical and contain 3 to 5 photos, self-description, ideal partner description. Photos can be amateur.

When a girl uploads a high-quality studio photo or participates in a photo contest, administrators may place it on the main page as a background. But it’s rarely updated.

Since there’s no chat or video chat, men and women contact each other with messages. Like everywhere, there’s an introductory letter sent automatically, but all other messages are unique.

Thanks to a natural evolution of the site where paid interpreters and other intermediaries were absent, the majority of girls on CuteOnly speak good English and are enthusiastic about the meeting.

The age range is really wide, but girls of 25 – 35 y.o. prevail. There are also many older women with children who are especially determined in their search.

Mass winks are available, but only a small part of them is sent each time a user enters. A girl has the opportunity to delete some men from the list of receivers by seeing their photos.

And the most important, there are ways to confirm  a girl’s identity and intentions. It’s a phone verification and a special photo portrait of her holding a piece of paper with the CuteOnly title on it.

Such girls’ profiles have special marks on them so it’s easy for a man to notice them and communicate with serious girls only. That’s really convenient and very reassuring.

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Some helpful tips for CuteOnly dating

Dating tips for a communication on CuteOnly are basically the same as on other Eastern European sites, but it’s never superfluous to repeat them over again.

  • Analyze the hidden message in a girl’s profile. Are her photos too provocative? Does she demand or expect something in her perfect match description? It will save your time.
  • Make sure a girl’s English level is efficient for a mutual understanding. Translation software isn’t always a solution and you two should care about the near future.
  • Start to discuss a meeting in real from the beginning. Her reaction will tell you everything. Not only her readiness is a good sign but also her willing to help organize the trip.
  • Do not start your communication from exchange of the phone numbers. You can do that any time since it’s allowed, so do not be in hurry and gain a girl’s trust first.
  • Although many men want to avoid the unnecessary responsibility, it’s more reliable to chose a girl with the child, as she sincerely wants to get married and is ready to work abroad.
  • Do not send the money or gifts to anyone who you know badly. Wait until the meeting and more serious proves of a girl’s real feelings. This rule works for CuteOnly too.

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Anti-scam advice

Surprisingly enough, there isn’t much scam on CuteOnly. Men rarely complain about this site, while the majority of girls join exactly for relocating and/or getting married.

It really impresses all dating experts because too many modern sites loudly advertise their anti-scam measures and invest a lot in them, and still their databases are full of scammers.

On CuteOnly, it happens just naturally that scammers stay away and serious women prevail, but it is crucial to remain careful, still, especially after switching to private emails and messengers.

If your budget is very modest and you want to avoid any costs from the beginning, it really helps to tell every girl you are corresponding with that your financial situation isn’t favourable.

After all, it can be connected with your children’s needs or your parents’ state of health, but let a girl know and tell her it will affect all expenses such as her tickets to your country and a lifestyle.

Usually, women around 40 are ready to sacrifice their comfort and date modestly for an opportunity to see another country and eventually relocate. It’s a low-budget category.

But younger girls, especially of extraordinary beauty, normally want to travel with comfort and have shopping every day so better discuss all details in advance as clearly as you can.

If you follow these simple recommendations, your dating process on CuteOnly will be even safer, cheaper, and more pleasant. Enjoy it, and be happy with your Russian mate!