Top-3 Transgender Dating Apps in 2019

Transdr: #1Transgender Dating

This is the most popular and trustworthy service dedicated specially to transgender dating.  It was created for transsexual, transvestite and transgender people to find a soul mate without being judged by the society. It’s also one of the top gay dating sites on the market. Why choose this exact app? The users point out a lot of advantages and unique features:
Transdr #1 Transgender Dating

  1. Paradise for trans people. This app is for everyone all around the globe, who are willing to build serious relationships: MTF, FTM & LGBT. The service provides a lot of trans dating opportunities to explore: you can send text messages, photos or virtual gifts. You can also arrange a meeting in advance, if you’re going to visit another country. You can even find a travelling partner or just a good friends with common interests! There’re no boundaries when it comes to the purpose of using the app.
  2. Inclusiveness of the app. If you’ve ever felt alone and misunderstood, you probably know how it feels to be isolated and judged. Transdr app puts an end to this common dilemma and helps like-minded people to gather and search for their happiness. The app allows absolutely everyone to register and feel comfortable, never being alone again. Any forms of dating are welcomes, as long as they’re acceptable by both parties.
  3. No judgement and no discrimination. Most of transgender people are being criticized by the society that’s not ready to accept these new forms of self-identification and relationships. Even if a person doesn’t say anything to your face, it doesn’t mean that you’re not being gossiped about behind your back. In the like-minded community there’s no judgement and no criticism, only appreciation and willing to communicate on equals.
  4. Efficient safety measures. To ensure every customer’s safety and positive dating experience, every profile is being checked thoroughly and manually. In case of suspicious activity detected, an account gets suspended until the Customer service makes sure it doesn’t violate our Terms of Service. If it does, it gets deleted permanently.

The app is paid, and the price is a bit up there: 15$ per month, 30$ – 3 months, 50$ – 6 months. But if you really need a safe and active platform to communicate with like-minded people, this service is just like heaven.

Trans – #1Transgender DatingTrans - #1 Transgender Dating

It’s a well-known transgender, crossdresser and tgirl hookup app. If you’re a part of this community, feel free to join the app and meet with people with the same interests. There’re thousands of single trans accounts from all over the world, so you can even arrange an international date! How does the service work?

  1. Register and fill in some personal information, such as age, sex and location
  2. Upload some of your best photos for everyone to appreciate
  3. Customize the features of your desired partner for the best and precise match-making process
  4. Find the profile you enjoy and send him or her a wink or a like
  5. On the search page, swipe right to send a like and swipe left to ignore the account
  6. If you’re liked back, it’s a Spark and a match!

If you get a spark, you can send a message to a person and begin getting to know each other. All profiles are checked manually for being genuine and authentic. There’re much less fake profiles, if any, compared to heterosexual dating apps.

The app is paid, and the Gold membership will cost you 16$ per month, 36$ for 3 months or 55$ for half-year. The payment is charged from your iTunes account. You can turn off auto-renewal in the settings. In order to register, you have to be 17+.

In spite of being pretty expensive, the app is super popular within the LGBT community and transgender people, since it’s pretty difficult to find a decent gay, trans and lesbian dating site, which is exclusive and highquality. It has connected so many hearts and created so many couples, that the comments are full of thankful messages! It’s a very rare thing if we speak about regular dating apps. It only proves that exclusively trans dating apps are efficient way to meet your soul mate in an atmosphere of peace and support!

Tranx: Free Transgender DatingTranx Free Transgender Dating

It’s an exclusive community for people being discriminated and judged by the society. If you’re a transgender, transsexual, male-to-female, female-to-male or any other unique person with your own views on self-identification and relationships, this community is just for you.

What’s special about this type of a community, is everyone being supportive to each other. Here you won’t ever meet any criticism based on your appearance or lifestyle. Everyone communicates in a cordial atmosphere of appreciation, and gives each other the right to live outside of the society’s limits and boundaries. Never has adult dating app been so popular and loved in the LGBT community as well.

Registration is free, but you must be 17+, as the app might contain mature content. You don’t have to pay for anything, as the app is absolutely free! But fear not, you can still use a lot of unique features and the app being free won’t affect your dating experience in a negative way. The service is high-quality and is updated regularly with improved performance and more intuitive interface.

Best free trans dating apps in 2019

In order to begin your search, you have to go through a quick registration, and set the features of your desired soul mate. The matchmaking system will provide you with the best results, and you can start communicating immediately. The app supports 2 languages: English and Chinese, but it’s available worldwide.

The feedback is a 100% positive. Many people thank the app developers for allowing them to meet a perfect match. Many of those happy people have been together for years! Isn’t it the best proof of the online dating effectiveness? Try your luck and register in Tranx for free. Who knows, maybe it’s your time to establish happy relationships!

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